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Etre lobbyisteTo be a lobbyist

Mathew left me the following comment about the lobby and the lobbyist: How I will balance achieving my goals to explain my lobbyist work on this blog and not irritating my clients, and/or endangering my business?

Mathew is right perhaps, and I might be too ambitious. I should probably close down my blog, since I have already released the good lobbyist secrets (see my second article: le grand secret).

For me a good lobbyist and good influence campaign should only be based on:

1. Integrity of the lobbyist and of her/his views
2. The understanding of the economic and political context
3. The capacity to bring original ideas and solid arguments that match the legislators’ expectations.
4. Long term trustworthy relations built over time with the EU legislators.

All of these are a question of behavior and attitude of the lobbyist.

The rest is only question of technique. These techniques are very well explained for example in Daniel Guéguen books.

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